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Breakthrough Tuition was started in response to talking to many parents and children who identified a common shortcoming in the skewed approach adopted by standard educational processes with a strong emphasis on 'teaching-to-the-test'.

In practice, this means that many students will obtain a clutch of good academic results, but whose skills in being able to communicate, show creativity and initiative are often lacking and may even hinder their progress. Look at any well written, current CV and the following terms could be relevant for the modern workplace:

  • Fostering a good rapport with others
  • Achieving academic rigour and self-discipline
  • Demonstrating informed risk-taking
  • Developing networking skills

These are the qualities that inform our teaching and views of life beyond.

We believe ours shows a unique differentiation in approach from most other tutoring organisations. After all, everybody is truly unique and different.

Although we offer traditional methods of 1:1 tuition methods we aim to go beyond preparing young minds for formal exams by giving them the tools to suceed in later life, recognising that education and learning are lifelong processes, which go way beyond the classroom.

The owner of Breakthrough Tuition, Marc Burden is a qualified teacher with several years’ experience across a range of settings, from Secondary through Primary and 1:1 intervention, specialising in Modern Foreign Languages and Physical Education and Sport. Other subjects taught include Maths, English and Philosophy and Ethics.

Prior to teaching, Marc Burden accumulated many years’ experience in the fields of Construction Management, IT training and fitness coaching in the UK, France, Germany and Denmark.

We look forward in being able to make a difference to your child’s life.

Marc Burden, Breakthrough Tuition


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SERVICES | Breakthrough Tuition

With the disruption caused by Covid, many children and young adults have not only lost a lot of previously gained learning, but also social and communication skills. Against this backdrop our service offering is unique. For example, for younger children, we can offer structured play techniques and games, which in turn help eye to hand co-ordination and non-verbal reasoning.

For older children/young adults, tuition tailored to a particular exam board can be arranged together with any relevant higher level thinking skills.

Some of the areas we can help are;

• Learning different ways of communication and improving on existing skills.

• Time management and planning

• Numeracy and literacy

• Self-esteem and assertiveness

• CV writing and interview techniques.

Children who are classed as SEN will also benefit from the supportive, non-judgemental approach that we advocate.


Primary/early years : Online £25 / Home £30 - per hour

Secondary years : Online £30 / Home £35 - per hour

Block booking ( 5 or more lessons) : 10% reduction

Specialist Intervention : By negotiation.

Coaching and Mentoring

This is a service that we are keen to promote and would be particularly suitable for the older student.

Although we are using the two facets interchangeably, there are important differences which need to be clarified; Coaching can typically be offered within a defined technical domain, ie; development of ‘executive’ or technical skills, or alternatively, as a form of ‘life’ coaching.

The latter goes deeper into the personal makeup of the student, developing self-awareness and esteem and helps him/her overcome negative, typically habitual barriers. Ultimately, the aim is to help every student understand not just the technical aspects of their learning, but also the more subtle traits that may be holding them back.

Another aspect of coaching is that it can be a long-term proposition or a form of ‘spot’ coaching, where a short-term, quick solution is required. For example, exam cramming or specific event preparation.

In summary, coaching is a tool that can help the student uncover their true potential, enabling them to enhance their overall quality of life.

‘You can’t do the impossible, but you can achieve what you thought was impossible’ – with the help of a good coach…

Mentoring, on the other hand, assumes a more experience-driven approach whereby the student will seek to engage a coach/tutor who can bring his/her own experiences of situations to bear. This would typically be more usual in a professional or business setting where an apprentice, for example, would seek out advice from someone who had direct experience in the field. In this case, the mentor would be the guide and advisor, as opposed to a partner.

How different is coaching from counselling?

Counselling is another word that often gets mixed up with coaching. The key point of difference here is that counselling begins with a problem and the focus of coaching is achieving certain goals. While your coach may counsel you occasionally, what you have to remember is that it isn’t his/her only job. The idea of coaching is to empower you to deal with your problems and challenges on your own. Moreover, coaching is a continuous process, unlike counselling, which is needs based.

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Covid-19 Policy

This pandemic is here to stay with us for the short to medium term and we at Breakthrough Tuition have made the decision to ensure that we follow the guidance from the government in full so that we can protect both our teams and our customers.

The government has provided some extensive guidance and if you would like to read this in detail you find it here.

We have a clear COVID-19 policy for the team and in summary you can expect the following:

  • Daily checks to ensure that if any symptoms relating to the illness are being displayed, the individual is taken off duties and told to isolate until a test proves otherwise
  • The appropriate mask to be worn
  • A full risk assessment has been completed for all in-house tasks before any work is started

What we ask of our customers:

  • If you are in the shielding category then we will not be able to complete any work in your home – this is in line with government guidance
  • If you are showing any symptoms or have had a positive test then it is essential for you to be upfront before any work starts and we will work with you to reschedule
  • If you have any concerns then please let us know.

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